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ஞாயிறு, 05 பிப்ரவரி 2023
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Hello friends!! My name is Iniya and I like superheroes a lot. They save the world from bad people doing wrong things; establish justice and order; and help poor people. Even though there are many super heroes with amazing super powers like Superman, Spider man, Hulk and so on, I like Batman. Batman does not have super powers like other super heroes. He was an ordinary man, who turned into a super hero to fight against injustice and guardian of Gotham city in the movies. Do you see a real superhero with same qualities? E.V.Ramasamy was born as an ordinary man and became Thanthai Periyar, the guardian of Tamils, guardian of the oppressed people, guardian of social justice and guardian of women’s rights - the real life DARK KNIGHT.

Thanthai Periyar is the father of Tamilnadu.

I like Periyar thatha because he stood for social equality. In one such incident in a place called Vaikom, Periyar fought against discrimination and went to jail twice. Periyar thought it is unfair to discriminate people and stood for equality. His struggle paid of and Periyar earned the title of ‘Vaikom Veerar’ - the hero of Vaikom.

I like Periyar thatha because he stood for women’s rights. At a time when, Women were treated as slaves and no one cared about them, Periyar being a man, stood for women’s rights. He encouraged women that whatever men can do, women also can do. He said to treat women as equals, to let them study, to stand on their own legs, to dress up like men, to do jobs like men and not to confine themselves to household chores and raising kids alone. He was given the title “Periyar” by women. Because of his vision and hard-work, the society changed and my grandmother was able to study and work, my mother was able to come to the US, and I am here talking in front of you all.

I like Periyar thatha because he was the pioneer of social justice. Because of his efforts, education became available to everyone, social equality measures were taken, laws were corrected and society changed. Now people from all castes have become collectors, engineers, doctors, lawyers and scientists are working in all parts of the world and are respected and treated equally.

I like Periyar thatha because he influenced lot of other leaders and their actions. Periyar’s influence led Perunthalaivar Kamarajar to open many schools, which led people to study, get jobs and uplift themselves. It influenced Arignar Anna, MGR and Kalaignar so much that many social reform dreams of Periyar were made into law. The influence of Periyar is so great, that it amended the constitution of India itself.

I like Periyar thatha because he is the real super hero. Do you like him too?