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வியாழன், 26 மே 2022
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Dear Mr Jeff Bezos,

While you bathe in the riches of luxury, you are not aware of a tragic event. Being the founder of Amazon, a very practical and useful website, you have become a billionaire. But I believe that those who are wealthy, and not just you, should start to take action and notice and help those in need.

Why don’t you gather a group of billionaire people and share and create ideas on how to help those in need more? After all, world leaders really need the  help that billionaires could give them. There are many billionaire people I could have addressed this to, but I chose you because you have already helped the world a bit by founding Amazon, the app used for online shopping. You saved tons of lives there, by letting people shop without having to leave the house and crowd up supermarkets. Why don’t you use your past as inspiration and save millions more lives?

If you are stuck on how to start, there is an issue in India that needs sorting out. Approximately 300,000 farmers have died by suicide since 1995 and over 40 have died by suicide during the Indian farmer protests. If it can be healed, it is a great start. Researching can help you with understanding about suicide, and if you talk to doctors and nurses who train and study it, then you can discuss together on how it can be cured. Send out  medications to cure it, but whatever method the doctors suggest is probably more suitable than mine!

That was all just an idea, but you don’t need to gather a group of billionaires if you would rather work alone; whatever works best for you. All I ask from you, Mr Jeff Bezos, is to take action to help our world, and inspire more billionaires to do the same thing. Before you know it, there will be tons of organizations of billionaires teamed up to help the environment and everyone and everything on it.

If you go for it, Good Wishes! I believe that you can do anything! ‘As long as you believe you can, you can do anything!’ My parents always say that to me.

Kind Regards,


Navina Muthukrishnan


I am very excited to write my first piece for the Periyar Pinju magazine.

I would like to submit this article to Honourable Asiriyar Ayya who first inspired me to write and keep writing.

He also inspired me to read more in order to write well.

My reading habits were further encouraged when my parents subscribed THE WEEK JUNIOR for me. The coverage of the suffering of farmers from my motherland is the inspiration for  this written piece in the form of a letter to the founder of Amazon.

I hope this piece encourages all my fellow young readers to write and read.

- Navina Muthukrishnan