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Fascinating Facts on Rocket Science
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Main Rocket Engine


A Space Shuttle has three liquid-fuelled main engines in addition to the two large solid rocket boosters. The liquid-fuelled main engines use liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Here are a few facts about the main engines. The turbo pump is so powerful that it could drain an average family-sized swimming pool in 25 seconds.  The liquid hydrogen in the engine is -423 degrees Fahrenheit (-253 degrees Centigrade) and when it is burned with the liquid oxygen the temperature is over 6,000 degrees F (3,316 degrees C). That is about 2/3 the temperature of the surface of the sun. The energy released by the three main engines is about the same as delivered by 23 Hoover Dams. If you could convert the heat energy to electric power, the two solid rocket motors (SRM) burning for two minutes could supply all the power needed by 87,000 homes for one full day.

Liquid Rocket Engine

Liquid rocket engines use a liquid oxidizer and liquid fuel. Theses propellants are usually pumped up then mixed together and burned in the engine’s combustion chamber. There are many different fuels and oxidizers that can be used. Oxygen is the most commonly used oxidizer. Some of the fuels used are hydrogen, kerosene,