சனி, 24 அக்டோபர் 2020
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When the school closed for summer vacation we felt that there is no book, only fun for the next one month. But on the next day onwards  we had spent lot of time with book. It's because of the book fair "Chennai Puthaga Sangamam" held at Periyar Thidal, Chennai from april 22nd to 24th.

Those three days were very much interesting and fun with my  age group friends. On 22nd morning I reached Periyar thidal before the fair inauguration. My friends were there. We visited the book stalls and attended art & craft class which was very useful and fun.

That uncle taught us to draw more easier than we learnt earlier. He drew an egg and make it as a bird, simply. In that way we also learned to draw many things. We designed ten type of caps and greeting cards for friends, family members and relatives.  We had lot of  fun on the first day of the book fair.

The second day passed with storytelling. Before that we played many games and enjoyed very much. Then the story telling program started. There were 25 children participated on that day. Many of us told interesting stories and  everybody shared funny  jokes. It was a time of continuous laughing.

The 3rd day program was about simple science. Me and my friend Velavan enjoyed the entire program and learned from it.  All science facts we came to know on that day were very interesting.  Science with  fun and music was really a new experience. It was very easy to understand and we understand many scientific truth.  There were 35 children with us on the third day.

Among them many were my loving idiots and some new friends. The program organisers presented a memorable gift and a book to the children who participated in the program. The book is very useful. Not only that book, the books we purchased in the fair are very useful.  There were books for children and books for elders. Books for students, adult  and  for all in many subjects. The fun and enjoyment we got on those days make us waiting for next year Chennai Puthaga Sangamam.